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"Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be - and becoming that person.”
   - St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Therese School is part of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic School System and is located in the heart of the North Valley of Albuquerque. The School was founded on September 15, 1947 by three nuns: Sister Imelda LeClair, Sister Theresa O’Donovan, and Sister Peter.Their goal was to bring Catholic based education to the North Valley.  

Until a building was constructed, a Quonset hut was loaned to the school. A tent was also placed on the property and several classes were held there. Sr. Imelda LeClair, Sr. Theresa O’Donovan, and Sr. Peter were the teachers for about 150 students. There were no chalkboards, no desks, and no drinking fountains; a garden hose provided water for the students. Eventually, a combination church and school was built. Desks were attached by hinges to the backs of the pews and lowered on Fridays for the weekend Masses. As the church grew, more buildings were added. In 1957, the ninth grade was discontinued. After serving the school and parish for 41 years, the nuns retired. The school has been run by lay persons ever since. Currently, the school campus has two buildings that serve as classrooms for grades pre-kindergarten through 8th. Additionally, students utilize the St. Therese Parish Community Center for physical education, sports, and the lunch program.

Although the school is run entirely by lay people, the Church and its Pastor remain closely united and work together to better the education of all the students at St. Therese School.  In the past, the parish Vicar has not only offered spiritual guidance but also acted as the school's Spanish teacher. 

St. Therese School serves students from all parts of the Middle Rio Grande Community - enroll your child today.

Archdiocesan Schools Mission Statement
The mission of the schools in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe is the fulfillment of the educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. It has as its primary goal the ongoing formation of the Christian person. It aims to develop the individual’s spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical endowments.

Our Mission 
​To provide faith, service and learning in a Christ-like environment

All children will have the opportunity to learn and grow.

To prepare students morally, academically, and socially for the future

Our Beliefs
St. Therese School is dedicated to assisting families with passing on the Catholic faith, morals, and values to the students. The school is a community outside the home, where religious values and truths may be integrated with daily life. The school strives to provide a quality education in a Christian environment and to help each student develop
his/her own potential through creative expression, hands-on-learning, self-discipline, and the opportunity to participate in liturgy, prayer, sacraments, and community service.

Our Goals
St. Therese School goals:
  • All students will increase a peaceful approach to their daily lives and increase an awareness of God within themselves.

  • The school will use a Continuous Improvement approach (based on the Baldridge Criteria for performance excellence) as the most efficient and effective way to improve student achievement.

  • All students will increase writing skills throughout the curriculum areas through the use of a classroom continuous improvement approach, and Six Traits Writing.

St. Therese School is accredited through the Western Catholic Education Association and the State of New Mexico. The Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Center makes an annual visit to confirm that the school is performing according to Archdiocesan policies. Pre-Kinder and Extended Care are also licensed through the New Mexico Child, Youth and Families Department (CYFD).

St. Therese Catholic School 

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Celebrating more than 70 Years (1947 - 2018) in Catholic Education